Holiday Entertaining Cookbook Content


Delicious Recipes & Entertaining Hints For All Seasons”

A 60 page, handwritten cookbook, from the personal recipe files of the author covering the following categories:

Cover of The Holiday Entertaining Cookbook

Cover of the Holiday Entertaining Cookbook

Open House for All Seasons……….Election Night Supper

Kramer’s Bloody Mary Brunch……….Super Bowl For the Guys

Chinese New Year……….Gala Basket Party

Holiday Dinner for six………..Supreme Thanksgiving

South of the Border………Extra Goodies

The premise of the Holiday Entertaining Cookbook is that a good hostess knows that good friends and good food are the essential basics for a successful party. The Holiday Entertaining Cookbook contains complete  information for various parties that will delight your guests. The information contained in each section of the Holiday Entertaining Cookbook will guide you through in a step-by-step basis and the result will be the warm glow of friendship that lasts long after the party is over.

Holiday Entertaining Cookbook Table of Contents!

The following is an illustration of the Table of Contents from the Medford House Holiday Entertaining Cookbook. The 60 page Holiday Entertainment Cookbook includes 50 recipes that are part of ten unique entertaining functions.  Also included in the Holiday Entertaining Cookbook are the chefs recommendations to make each function truly successful. Each of our recipes are kitchen tested and are in the original notes format.  There are numerous illustrations and preparation tips to make your cooking efforts successful. Each chapter of the Holiday Entertaining Cookbook is an adventure in a culinary journey that will amaze your guests.

The Medford House “Holiday Entertaining Cookbook” is provided in PDF format.  The download file can be printed on high quality paper, such as a nice ivory linen stock, in an 8 1/2″ x 11″ size, three hole punched and inserted into a binder for convenient reference.

Here are a few examples of four of the pages from the Open House For Any Season Chapter of the Holiday Entertainment Cookbook.

You can use the pages from your PDF files of the Holiday Entertaining Cookbook to crate any number of unique items. If you print the page 13 file to post cards on your ink jet printer or laser printer you can create one-of-a-kind postcards that will amaze your friends. Use a recipe from the Holiday Entertaining Cookbook that you are going to serve on the front and use the back side as the invitation to your party. It truly sets you apart from the ordinary.

Not convinced yet? I will sweeten the “pot”. If you order any of the Medford House Holiday Entertaining Cookbook you will receive a TWO valuable BONUS ITEMS:


“A Collection of recipes that have withstood the test of time” along with “Some Whimsical Stories that Probably Will Not”

A 65 page, handwritten, cookbook with recipes that have had their origin in Early Colonial times updated for today’s tastes in the following categories:

Early American Cookbook

Eary American Cookbook

Chapter I: Soup From early colonial times soups were a method to combine several ingredients available at the time. This chapter shares some of the soup recipes that were popular then and now.

Chapter II: Breads From early kitchens, breads were a mainstay of each meal.  Usually prepared and baked fresh in the colonial kitchen each day.

Chapter III: Vegetables Most families raised their own produce and this lead to some very tasty dishes that accompanied each meal.

Chapter IV. Meats: Many of the meat recipes were developed as a result of game that was locally available. With no supermarkets the early colonists had to make do with whatever they could catch or raise.

Chapter V: Fish & Fowl Many colonial cooks were very capable and chicken, game birds, and local fish plucked from streams or lakes were served on many tables.

Chapter VI: Relishes Many cooks created wonderful relishes that could be saved and used later.  Relishes were a way to add flavor to many of the bland dishes if fresh herbs were not available.

Chapter VII: Desserts The early colonial diners had a sweet tooth just like we do today.  Many of the desserts from that era are still delicious on today’s table.

Chapter VIII: Libations Early colonists were fond of their libations.  We include several of the popular punch recipes that have made their way to present times.

Chapter IX: My Recipes Several blank pages so that you can include your family heirloom recipes passed down thru the generations.  A perfect place to keep Grandmother James’s Yankee pot roast recipe.

The Early American Cookbook containing 65 recipes that cover the major categories of recipes most chefs are familiar with. You can also add your special recipes at the end of the cookbook. Each category contains 8-12 recipes featuring popular foods that have lasted from early colonial times all the way to the twenty-first century. Each of these recipes has been “kitchen tested” and is in the original “notes” format. There are numerous hand drawn illustrations on each page. That’s an additional cookbook in addition to the original Holiday Entertainng Cookbook.


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A very small investment for the terrific, original Medford House Holiday Entertaining Cookbook which includes the 50 recipes and entertaining preparation tips.  You receive the additional monthly down-loadable recipes that can be added to you Holiday Entertaining Cookbook. It makes it a dynamic, expanding resource. One that will grow in size and content over the years

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