Medford House Cookbooks

Medford House Cookbook Collection:

The Chef Notes Collection:

The Maine to Monterey Seafood Cookbook. A a collection of regional seafood recipes. Each region has a collection of some of the most popular seafood recipes. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

The Holiday Entertaining Cookbook. A collection of great holiday entertaining recipes with everything needed from soup to nuts.  Entertaining tips for a successful get together that will make your guests envy your culinary skills.CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

The Herb and Spice Cookbook. Herbs and spices have been a part of cooking since the dawn of the culinary art.  An eclectic collection of recipes using herbs and spices as an essential ingredient. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

The Appetizer and Dips Cookbook. The appetizer is the teaser part of the culinary arts.  They are bite sized delights that whet our appetites and prepare us for the main course that is to come.CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

The Early American Cookbook. This cookbook’s recipes have had their origins in colonial times.  Each chapter has whimsical stories that put a different slant on historical events.  All the recipes are updated for today’s cooks and are kitchen tested. If you order any of the Medford House cookbooks you receive a Bonus Copy of this specialty cookbook at no cost.

The Specialty Cookbook Collection:

6 Herbs For Every Kitchen Cookbook. Fresh herbs are the one element that can take an average dish to extraordinary. This cookbook focus on the six essential herbs every kitchen should stock. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

The Medford House Wine Cookbook. Wine and cooking is a logical combination.  The flavor that wine can add to a sauce or dish is culinary magic.  This cookbook concentrates on recipes with wine as an essential ingredient. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION