MEDFORD HOUSE PUBLICATIONS was formed in 1975 as a result of our interest in compiling specialty recipe books for those wishing to extend their knowledge of the culinary arts. The internet has allowed us to take the art of recipe book publication to a brand new level.  Normally you buy a recipe book and that is the end of purchase.  We are able to make that recipe book a dynamic, growing resource with our membership area.  Each month an additional page is added to your purchase, so that over time it continues to grow and provide additional value to your collection. This makes the purchase of your Medford House Recipe Cookbook a unparalleled value.  The concept of a single purchase with monthly additions is our contribution to your culinary success.  I hope you enjoy this site and after your purchase we will see you on the inside.

Good Cooking,
Michael James
CEO and Editor
Medford House Publications

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